Make Sure Your Pool or Spa Isn't Costing You Money

Schedule a pool or spa inspection in Kingwood, TX

Pools might not look complicated on the surface, but there are a lot of complex parts that go into your summer relaxation spot. If your pool has hidden issues, you'll end up with large costs down the line. Fortunately, Caliber Inspection Services LLC provides thorough spa and pool inspection services in Kingwood, TX.

After your pool or spa inspection, you'll be aware of any issues that could be raising your bills. Hire us today to schedule your appointment.

How can a pool or spa inspection save you money?

How can a pool or spa inspection save you money?

Pools and spas are significant investments for homeowners. They need to be maintained regularly to ensure all parts are working properly. A pool inspection can alert you to:

  • Leaks that are driving up your water bill
  • Problems with your pool lining or deck
  • Issues with your pool heater or pump
  • Concerns with your electrical work

Once you get your inspection report, you can tackle any smaller problems before they become bigger costs. Call 832-527-8327 today to get a pool or spa inspection Kingwood, TX.