Unearth Hidden Issues With Your Crawl Space

Get a crawl space inspection in Kingwood, TX

The secret to a safe and healthy home often lies with what's underneath it. A crawl space is an often neglected part of your home that can develop serious issues such as termites, moisture damage and mold. Caliber Inspection Services LLC will let you know if your crawl space has any causes for concern.

Hire us for your home's crawl space inspection in Kingwood, TX, and we'll assess the health of your property.

Why you should get your crawl space inspected

Why you should get your crawl space inspected

You shouldn't take an out of sight, out of mind approach when it comes to your crawl space. Here are serious ways your crawl space affects your home:

  • Mold worsens indoor air quality
  • Poor insulation drives up energy bills
  • Rodent infestations harm electrical work
  • Moisture compromises your foundation

One of the most serious issues listed above is mold, which can rise through your foundation and cause anything from coughing to obstructive lung disease. We perform a mold inspection along with our crawl space inspection, so you can have peace of mind about your family's health.

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